Ups and Downs In Life

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Change is an undeniable undercurrent of life, affecting us whether we like it or not. Sometimes changes in life seem to come upon us like large crashing waves, creating a sense of urgency and panic. At other times changes may feel like a calm flowing river, where routines feel safe and established. Life is full of ups and downs, with a good deal of flat terrain in between.

Pulling Ourselves Out of Debt

The highs come when everything is going wonderfully and success comes easily. At times like these, life feels good… no, great! It can be tempting to think that things will stay this way indefinitely, which only makes it that much more difficult when life takes inevitable turns. The lows might feel particularly low when followed by a period of intense joy, happiness , and success. You can even challenge yourself to embrace the psychological or physical lows of life, expressing gratitude for the hidden opportunities for growth within challenging times.

Without times of sadness or uncertainty, how would you really know and appreciate what it felt like to be authentically happy?

This is perfectly natural. Mindful recognition and awareness of these neutral time periods make it that much easier to navigate major life changes when they do occur. H ow do you typically respond to the ebbs and flows of life? Ronald Alexander , a licensed psychologist with expertise in mindfulness-based therapies, offers practical insights into how to traverse the ups and downs of life in his book Wise Mind, Open Mind. Instead of fighting against reality, accept it.

From down to up

Fully and completely, with open arms. When you truly accept the way things are, you are practicing radical acceptance. Acceptance allows you to cultivate patience by staying present during moments of mental, emotional, or physical discomfort. When you set realistic goals , you are recognizing and accepting where you are right now , and where you would like to be within a given time frame.

At the end of the day, a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment can come from knowing that you challenged yourself to be the best version of you possible. I am living proof of this quote! I am a runner, a runner who rarely believes in herself.

I had the wrong attitude and failed miserably. When I had the right mental attitude, I was a state champion in the 3, meters. You can do whatever you put your mind to Believe in yourself!

We are all uniquely different from each other. No one person has the same fingerprint! Even identical twins are different from each other. Why do people work so hard to be like someone else? You are exquisite, unique, one of a kind Be yourself from start to finish! I couldn't have said it better!

Before you continue...

Wake up everyday ready to face your fears head on, it's the only way to truly be confident and happy. I have a huge, crippling fear of putting myself out there and getting to know people. Once I faced that fear, I realized people aren't that scary, and I've made life-long friends because of it. Don't let your fears control your life! Society is always telling people how they should be and that they should do this or that to find who they are. The truth is that you should be who you want to be. Be someone that you can love and be okay with for the rest of your life.

Once again, be yourself! It's okay if you're not "normal.

Battling life's ups and downs - The SANE Blog

Be you, if anyone judges you for that, they're the one with the problem. You are way better than moldy bread! Anytime you think you don't amount to anything, just remember that if mold has worth, you must have worth. You are worth more than you think! Once you accept the bad things that have happened to you, be confident in yourself and face your fears everyday, you will be so much happier.

Hanging on to the negative things in life will only cause you more pain.

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You can't choose what cards you're dealt in life. You just have to take what you've been given and do the best you can. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Don't let hate rule your life, forgive and move on. Hatred will hurt you, not the person you hate. It'll tear you apart without even affecting them. People are going to hate you. Like Taylor Swift sang, "haters gonna hate.

Any time you're feeling down or just need a little extra encouragement, quotes are the way to go! Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish them," -unknown This quote sums up what life is mostly all about!