The Drifter Vol.7 - Acceptance (A Mike McCoy Encounter)

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Talking Trash Better waste-management initiatives benefit the planet and save airlines money. When it comes to waste management, talking trash is a good thing. The study determined that airports and airlines could achieve an overall recycling rate of 31 percent by redirecting 70 percent of the discarded aluminum, paper, plastic and glass products sent to landfills.

Cathay Pacific was well ahead of this trend, commissioning an independent study on waste reduction and recycling strategies back in It also inspired collaboration with Hong Kong Airport Services and Cathay Pacific Catering Services to recycle a wide range of waste products from everyday operations. Cathay reduces food waste at the source, through better portion management, and donates remaining food waste to local pig farms. In , Qantas conducted a joint audit with recycling consultants Closed Loop to have a better picture of the waste left after international flights.

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By weight, we determined 59 percent of this waste stream could be recycled. Qatar Airways and Qatar Aircraft Catering Company launched a new waste reduction and recycling program in Doha that has recycled tons of cardboard and plastics, and converted 6, liters of cooking oil into biodiesel. Blockbuster movies may be the main attraction of in-flight entertainment systems, but the discovery of an art house film makes for a delightful surprise.

The note goes on to explain that after the flight, the passenger searched high and low to buy the movie, but it seemed the only place the indie film could be found with English subtitles was on an airplane. Encore has always focused on distributing independents, festival gems, foreign films. This makes niche and not-easilyaccessible content desirable. The parts of the spectrum used for communications are tightly regulated and licensed by government agencies to ensure efficient and effective use of the bandwidth.

With two blade antennae mounted on the bottom of the fuselage and receiver equipment, the onboard Internet experience will rival what passengers have at home, according to Stone. But SmartSky may find itself in a battle of the beams with long-established ATG provider Gogo, which has also targeted the unlicensed 2.

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  • The Chicago-based Internet service provider also provides Ku-band satellite solutions. Application development specialists for in-flight entertainment and communications systems. Our software is installed on hundreds of aircraft and used by thousands of passengers every day in every corner of the world all in their own languages. The spirit of competition Let your passengers discover the interesting games, contests and sports celebrated around the world with Need to Compete. We enable all airlines to create extraordinary travel experiences, offering the only fully integrated system from a single vendor available today.

    Tailored for Wearables From Snapchat spectacles to fitness trackers, the gadgets passengers board with could provide smart ways for airlines to connect with customers. Not a lot of people are running around wearing Google Glass these days, but less obtrusive wearables have seen phenomenal public adoption. Chances are you know someone who uses a Fitbit or similar biometric device to measure their fitness, and chances are just as great they bring these gadgets when they travel.

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    • Beyond enriching IFE engagement, for a digitally savvy airline, new connected devices can mean new passenger data — if done right. Passengers must be incentivized to share their data with an airline, and must also feel that the data they share is used wisely and stored safely. The payoffs for hitting that sweet spot come in the forms of loyalty and higher spending.

      Flood suggests that airlines interact more with customers through their personal smart devices, using well-timed incentives such as free connectivity or coupons to sweeten the deal. Passengers must be incentivized to share their data with an airline. Fitness-focused offers to those wearing Fitbits or tech-friendly offers to smartwatch owners are likely to be received more favorably than generic or out-of-place offers, for example.

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      According to the survey, 91 percent of passengers using a technology-delivered service will repeat the practice — even if they were dissatisfied with the experience. Hot on the heels of a big airline announcement for streamingbased service provider Netflix, a major studio executive gives APEX Media an exclusive take on the controversy around streaming inflight entertainment.

      For most, economy-class travel means less legroom and fewer frills, but a few airlines are moving in the opposite direction. Since it began flying in , Porter Airlines, which offers short-haul flights in parts of North America, has been providing complimentary lounge access in select airports for economy-class passengers.

      But Porter is not alone. Many airlines, including United and American, allow economy passengers to buy a day pass that provides access to basic lounge benefits such as complimentary food and beverages, showers and Internet access. With the LoungeBuddy app, passengers can read reviews of different lounges in an airport and purchase lounge passes of their choosing.

      Hot beverages, a selection of snacks and complimentary Internet are offered at Porter Airlines and Bangkok Airways lounges. In addition to running the app, Dikman has clocked more than two million miles and has visited over airline lounges. He points out that Bangkok Airways, a boutique airline offering short-haul flights in Asia, has a free lounge for economy passengers. The lounge amenities that Porter, Air Canada and Bangkok Airways offer are pretty basic — water, soda, coffee and tea, and snacks.

      But the views are not offered from an airplane. In a different part of the world, Bangkokbased low-cost carrier Nok Air is brewing up its own way to cement its airborne reputation with prospective customers. There will be a close association of the products and services, except that one will be in the air and one will be on the ground. And with an inverted trajectory, Virgin famously turned its record shop brand into a multi-billion dollar brandboosted conglomerate.

      Travelers with special dietary preferences and meal requirements are likely to find it easier to eat on the fly.

      With allergies becoming more and more prevalent, airlines have altered their options accordingly. On the other end of the spectrum, Canadian low-cost. The whole system is controlled by IATA codes that streamline the ordering process so airlines can make sure passengers get the right meal every time they fly, no matter the carrier. Airbus, its logo and the product names are registered trademarks. Ask for Airspace by Airbus. Our built-in broadband means your business never has to stop. But when you want to relax, a world of entertainment is at your fingertips.

      Akbar Al Baker is involved in every aspect of Qatar Airways. In , when Al Baker stepped into his role. Twenty years later, Qatar is thriving. He has been upfront about production problems and delivery delays, on the part of both Airbus and Boeing. The airline was scheduled to be the launch customer of the Airbus Aneo, but this past June, Qatar canceled the order of its first Aneo owing to delays — and more aircraft were called off after that. Al Baker was not about to stand by for another delay. Media speculated that the option for the narrow-body twinengine jet, which has a similar profile to the Aneo, was a replacement for the canceled Airbus aircraft.

      The region is known for its cluster of elite boarding schools and strawberry fields, with the closest city, Pune, located 63 miles away. And according to Forbes India, he still keeps an apartment his parents bought him during that time, in the posh Cuffe Parade neighborhood. India may hold nostalgia for Al Baker as the place where he came of age, but the country has also become the fastest-growing domestic air travel market.

      Hoping to capitalize on the economic potential, Al Baker has repeatedly expressed interest in buying a stake in IndiGo, the largest carrier in the country and the third-largest low-cost carrier in Asia. The acquisition would help to put pressure on his fellow Gulf competitors, Etihad and Emirates, which count the Mumbai-based Jet Airways as a codeshare partner. At the center of both developments is Al Baker, who is group chief executive of Hamad International.

      Within a few years, Hamad International is expected to process 50 million passengers a year. The airport also hosts Doha city tours for passengers on long layovers. Al Baker is passionate about putting Qatar on the world stage. Hub Sweet Hub Airlines are elevating the ground experience for their passengers by making architectural wonders and tourism attractions out of their home terminals. Social activities such as yoga and concerts in the terminals will also help travelers in transit to pass the time.

      Much of the airport makeover is intended to attract passenger traffic outside of Finland Finns only make up a quarter of passenger traffic at HEL. By marketing Helsinki as an attractive layover and an opportunity to experience Nordic culture, the airline and airport have successfully brought in passengers from Scandinavian and Baltic states who are looking for a quick connection to Asia or a jumping-off point to Europe. Helsinki Airport was originally built for the Summer Olympic Games. Still, Alaska has plans to lay further claim to its turf in Seattle.

      Patented check-in kiosks and bag-check islands are used to replace traditional counters, reducing wait times by 50 percent.

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      In addition to the renovation of the north terminal, the Port of Seattle will oversee the reconstruction of the center runway, an expanded International Arrivals facility and a centralized baggage system. In , in conjunction with its sister carrier, Horizon Air, Alaska Airlines brought a larger-scale version of its futurist concept to Sea-Tac. Fifty-six deep-set baggage drop points are positioned so that travelers have a clear vantage of security, their next destination. Munich Airport has always maintained a worldrenowned flair for experience with offbeat attractions that include a wave pool, skating rink, beer garden, low-stakes casino and much more.

      Once there, they have access to free Wi-Fi, charging ports, open waiting areas and five lounges, one of which has an outdoor terrace. The end result is a win-win and a benefit for the passenger. Since the satellite terminal is accessible exclusively for travelers, it brings local Bavarian flavor into its space with thoughtful approaches. The added Bavarian touches create a sense of place and help to encourage travelers — especially those just making a connection — to consider returning.

      Hamad International Airport is a glistening and fully polished monument to what an airline-designed airport can look like. The development of the Dohabased airport, which opened to the public in , is ambitious no matter how you look at it. Not only is it the first example of an airline building its own airport, but the project also involved the reclaiming of land from the gulf for 60 percent of its site area.

      We wanted to bring the luxury of the onboard experience that we provide our customers with to the ground. Already spanning an area one-third the size of Doha, when completed, the Airport City, combined with the airport, will claim. The planned expansion will include an extension of the check-in area and concourses D and E and new passenger amenity areas and lounges. She rose through the ranks, becoming senior vice-president of Inflight Services in When I joined the company, I joined as a cabin attendant, as I thought I was better suited for a job with opportunities to travel in Japan and around the world, rather than sit behind a desk.

      What is the most overlooked aspect of the passenger experience? They are influenced by the weather and sometimes passengers are inconvenienced for reasons including aircraft maintenance. That is the nature of the business and cannot be helped, but when something happens, it is important to try as much as possible to understand how passengers feel.

      For example, if a departure is delayed by heavy snow and passengers are stuck inside the aircraft, then we need to look and see if passengers are having difficulty.

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      We still need to make further efforts to ensure passengers feel that, once they get on board, they are able to complete the trip without any anxiety, and that they are eager to travel again because they know that it will be OK on ANA. Why does ANA have a role for women empowerment and diversity?

      But innovators are moving in to lighten the industry burden.