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The visitors can choose from over 70 different interactive features and multimedia installations. The Centennial Hall is one of the most prominent landmarks in the history of 20th-century architecture. Designed by the eminent architect Max Berg, it was created in to celebrate the international exhibition commemorating the Battle of the Nations.

The dome of this early Modernist reinforced concrete structure is 1. You can find out more about its construction at the Cognitive Centre, a permanent multimedia exhibition.

6 ESSENTIAL THINGS TO DO IN WROCLAW, POLAND // Two day itinerary for Wroclaw

The Centennial Hall complex also features the Four Domes' Pavilion, designed by the eminent architect Hans Poelzig and developed from — The Centennial Hall is surrounded by the Pergola, which boasts one of the largest multimedia fountains in Europe. Szczytnicki Park is the largest park in the city. Established in as a private garden, it was later transformed into a city park.

Set up in , the Japanese Garden remains its key attraction. With its original composition, the garden shows a different face each season, the only permanent feature being Japanese architecture. Szczytnicki Park, with its arboretum, beautiful rhododendron orchards, rose gardens and the Japanese Garden, is heritage listed. It also has beautiful gardens outside the building and a hidden gem courtyard inside. In my mind, the absolute BEST thing about this city was the tiny dwarf statues all over the place.

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Besides being freaking adorable, the dwarf statues have some cool history behind them. It only works on Android, so if you are an iPhone user, check out this map. He was chock full of quirky anecdotes and peculiar tales to tell us, keeping the entire group excited and engaged. They offer a number of different themed tours but to begin, the old town was perfect.

Things to do in Wroclaw and Around - The Ultimate Guide to Wroclaw

There are also tours about the dwarfs, islands and bridges, and the second world war. What would you add to this list? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This blog is all about adventure travel and expat life in Germany! Read More.

Get a view from the St. Visit the Old Meat Shops Animal lovers fear not!

9 Cool Things To Do In Wroclaw & Tips To Enjoy This Polish City

Subscribe To My Monthly Newsletter! This comment form is under antispam protection. This is such a lovely market and is a fun place to shop. I would suggest grabbing a meal, pierogis of course, and some Polish pottery here.

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It is a fun place to look around and experience the culture of Wroclaw as well. Closed on Sunday, but open every other day. Bring zlotys, some places do not take credit cards.

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Ostrow Tumski. There are many beautiful churches, but this one has an interesting story. On the south tower of the cathedral, there is a statue head that appears to be screaming. The legend is that this man fell in love with a woman who had a very wealthy father. When he asked her father for her hand in marriage the father refused, because the young man was too poor for his daughter. The young man claimed that he would come back in a year with a fortune.

The young man spent the following year as a thief, thinking this was the quickest way to gain a fortune. The young man became mad and attempted to kill the father and the young woman by burning them alive. The young man ran to the Cathedral tower to get a good look at their house burning. The last thing the young man saw was the young woman and her father being freed from the building he set fire to.

Climbing the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The inside of the Cathedral is beautiful, but the view of the Wroclaw from the top of the tower is where you want to go. Shorter legs beware. I felt like I was doing lunges going up these stairs because of how tall they are, but the view of Wroclaw is absolutely breathtaking.

The cost is 10 PLN to into the Cathedral and climb the tower. National Forum of Music. We went to the National Forum of Music to see a classical music performance.

1. Dig for gold at Złoty Stok

The inside was beautiful and we loved walking through Wroclaw at night once the concert was over. The National Forum of Music also hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year. Take a look here for show time and ticket information. If you are interested in art, art shops are now situated where the slaughter area used to be, they have created these animals as a reminder. Each animal was created by a different artist, they are quite interesting to look at if you have time. Spending more than a couple of days in Wroclaw? Add a day trip or two to your itinerary.