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So sensitive was the information flow he created, not even then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher knew his identity, only his work. It carries all the qualities of what Macintyre has so justly become known for — precise research leading to even-handed assessments, and, where possible, using first-hand accounts to reduce the level of speculation that is otherwise so enticing to those attempting to understand the past. The recent poisoning cases of Sergei and Yulia Skripal remind us of the long tail that continues to wag long after the official end of the Cold War, a time when the world split in two.

The start of the Cold War can be timed to an event more than 70 years ago when Igor Gouzenko defected from the Soviet embassy in Ottawa days after the end of the Second World War. He revealed a global network of spies acting against Western interests, forcing a Royal Commission to study the implications. Britain spent 20 years licking her wounds, determined for revenge. It came in the shape of a keen cross-country runner and increasingly senior KGB officer, Oleg Gordievsky.

Ames, it turned out, was spying for the Soviets. If he figured out, or the British revealed to the Americans, the identity of the mole, Gordievsky was as good as dead. Thankfully not sanctioned by or written with the help of the British government, Macintyre makes the authority of his book complete by employing good old-fashioned journalism — tracking down every single MI6 officer involved in the case and talking to them.

He also spent time with the Russians to get the other side, as well as with Gordievsky himself. This book would have been impossible to write any sooner. It takes time for sensitivities to pass. And what a story it is.

Cormac McLaggen

Working for London while living among the Moscow elite, married to the daughter of a KGB officer, Oleg Gordievsky was literally living two lives. He knew throughout that he was on borrowed time. So did the British, who every night when Gordievsky was in Moscow would monitor an agreed meeting place in case of a signal that he needed help.

For years, nothing. Not told his name, she gave him her own code name — Mr.

Beloved Poison

The media certainly missed its import when it took place in the mids. Gordievsky revealed that, amid growing Soviet paranoia, Moscow believed the exercise was actually to be a pre-emptive nuclear strike by the West. It was as close to nuclear Armageddon the world had come since the Cuban Missile Crisis of Having recovered from the attempt on his life more than a decade ago, Gordievsky still lives in Britain. He never returned to Russia and never plans to. Andrei Lugovoi, the man accused of murdering Litvinenko, was asked about the recent attack on the Skripals in Salisbury. His answer was surprising in what it revealed.

He was smuggled out of the country and sentenced here to death in absentia. So how did Gordievsky escape? For that answer, treasure this book. In his spare time, he continues to write and research about an RAF helicopter crash that killed senior members of t he Northern Ireland intelligence community in Among those who died on the flight was John Deverell, the MI5 spymaster who helped bring Gordievsky in.

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Joffrey never used Widow's Wail to cut open the pigeon pie at his wedding feast, because Margaery insisted that it would be inappropriate to use it for such a task. Joffrey orders Ser Ilyn Payne to give him his greatsword to cut it instead. Sansa , remembering that the headsman used her father Eddard's own blade Ice to decapitate him, notes that he must have discarded it. Tyrion, however, puts two and two together, and realizes that Ice was melted down to make Widow's Wail.

He then regrets never returning the blade to Robb when he demanded it back as part of his peace terms which occurred at the beginning of Season 2 in the TV series. It is not mentioned in the books what has become of the sword after Joffrey's death. Martin , [9] Widow's Wail was passed down to his younger brother Tommen when he ascended to the throne - but while Tommen technically owns the sword, he is still too young to wield it being only eight years old when Joffrey dies in the books.

In the books, it is mentioned that Joffrey named his new sword "Widow's Wail" by picking it out from several names the crowd suggested, but it does not list what the other names were. In this episode which George R. Martin himself wrote anyway , some alternate names are heard, including "Stormbringer", "Terminus", and "Wolf's Bane". Sign In Don't have an account?

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