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Such an Ascension, after such a life, cannot be the end of Him. Therefore, brethren, one sweet face, and one great fact-the face of the Christ, the fact of the Cross-should fill the past. One sweet face, one great fact-the face of the Christ, the fact of His Presence with us all the days-should fill the present. Benson Commentary Luke And he led them out as far as Bethany — Not the town, but the district: namely, to the mount of Olives, which was within the boundaries of Bethany. And he lifted up his hands — In a most solemn and devout manner; and blessed them — As one that had authority, not only to desire, but to command a blessing upon them.

And while he blessed — Or was blessing them, and while they beheld, Acts , by which it appears that this event took place in the day-time; he was parted from them — Miraculously and unexpectedly; and carried up into heaven — Not suddenly, but leisurely, that they might behold him departing, till a cloud received him out of their sight, Acts It was much more proper that our Lord should ascend into heaven, than that he should rise from the dead, in the sight of the apostles. For his resurrection was proved when they saw him alive after his passion; but they could not see him in heaven while they continued on earth.

And returned to Jerusalem with great joy — On account of the glorious discoveries which he had made to them, the glorious work to which he had called them, the extraordinary qualifications with which he had promised to endue them, and the great success which he had engaged to give them therein; especially for the full proof they had now received, that he was indeed the true Messiah, their Saviour, and their Lord; and that they had not been deceived in attaching themselves to him as his disciples, but had been guided by the truth and grace of God.

And were continually in the temple — That is, constantly attended there at the hours of service; praising and blessing God — As for all his other benefits, so in particular for sending the Messiah for the redemption and salvation of mankind, for raising him from the dead, after he had been unjustly and cruelly crucified by a cabal of wicked men; for his glorious ascension into heaven in their sight, and the promise made them of his return; and for performing such wonders to confirm and perfect their faith in him. Amen — May he be continually praised and blessed! There was the garden in which his sufferings began; there he was in his agony.

Those that would go to heaven, must ascend thither from the house of sufferings and sorrows. The disciples did not see him rise out of the grave; his resurrection could be proved by their seeing him alive afterwards: but they saw him ascend into heaven; they could not otherwise have a proof of his ascension. He lifted up his hands, and blessed them. He did not go away in displeasure, but in love, he left a blessing behind him. As he arose, so he ascended, by his own power.

They worshipped him. This fresh display of Christ's glory drew from them fresh acknowledgments. They returned to Jerusalem with great joy. The glory of Christ is the joy of all true believers, even while they are here in this world. While waiting for God's promises, we must go forth to meet them with our praises. And nothing better prepares the mind for receiving the Holy Ghost. Fears are silenced, sorrows sweetened and allayed, and hopes kept up. And this is the ground of a Christian's boldness at the throne of grace; yea, the Father's throne is the throne of grace to us, because it is also the throne of our Mediator, Jesus Christ.

Let us rely on his promises, and plead them. Let us attend his ordinances, praise and bless God for his mercies, set our affections on things above, and expect the Redeemer's return to complete our happiness. Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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Bethany was on the eastern declivity of the Mount of Olives, from which our Lord was taken up to heaven, Acts Bethany was a favored place. It was the abode of Martha, and Mary, and Lazarus, and our Saviour delighted to be there. From this place, also, he ascended to his Father and our Father, and to his God and our God. While he blessed them - While he commanded his benediction to rest upon them; while he assured them of his favor, and commended them to the protection and guidance of God, in the dangers, trials, and conflicts which they were to meet in a sinful and miserable world.

Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary Matthew Poole's Commentary Ver. And he led them out as far as Bethany; not the village Bethany, but that part of the mount of Olives which belonged to Bethany.

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Our Saviour had been often there praying; from thence he now ascendeth into heaven. And he lifted up his hands and blessed them: some think that by blessing here is meant praying, and the lifting up of his hands was accommodated to that religious action. Others think that blessing here signifieth a more authoritative act; and that his lifting up of his hands was a stretching out of his hands, as a sign of that effectual blessing of them.

While he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven; that is, he moved upward as if he had been carried, for it is certain that our Saviour ascended by his own power. Luke saith, Acts , He was taken up, and a cloud received him out of their sight. As Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind, 2 Kings , so Christ went up in a cloud; but with this difference, Christ ascended by his own power, Elijah could not without the help of an angel.

Not the town of Bethany; could that be thought, it might be supposed that he led his disciples thither, to pay a visit to his dear friends there, Lazarus, Mary, and Martha, before his ascension; but the town of Bethany was fifteen furlongs, or near two miles distance from Jerusalem, John whereas the place from whence Christ ascended was but a sabbath day's journey from it, which was two thousand cubits, or about a mile, Acts This Bethany, therefore, was a tract of land, so called from the town, which began at the Mount of Olives, where Bethphage ended; see Mark and hither from Jerusalem Christ led his disciples, in order to ascend to heaven in their sight; and this was the spot of ground, where he began to ride in triumph to Jerusalem, and here he ascended in a triumphant manner to heaven; this was the place he frequently retired to for solemn, and solitary prayer, and where he had put up many a strong cry to God, and now from hence he ascended to him; this was the place whither he went after he had ate his last passover, where he was taken, and from whence he came to suffer and die for his people: and he lift up his hands, and blessed them.

The lifting up of his hands was not in order to put them upon his disciples; though the Ethiopic version adds, "and put them on"; nor was it used as a prayer gesture; nor was the blessing of them prayer wise, or by praying for a blessing on them; but as Aaron, his type, lift up his hands towards the people of Israel, and blessed them, when he had offered the offerings for them, Leviticus so Christ, as the great high priest, having offered himself a sacrifice for the sins of his people, lift up his hands towards his apostles, and blessed them in an authoritative way, by bestowing blessings upon them: he blessed them with a larger measure of the Spirit; for though they were to wait some few days longer for the extraordinary effusion of the Spirit, yet, in the mean while, they received from him more of it than they had formerly had; for he breathed upon them, and said, receive the Holy Ghost, John He blessed them with larger measures of grace, and with more spiritual light, and understanding into the Scriptures of truth, and with much inward peace of mind, and with the fresh discoveries of pardoning love; and which seemed necessary, since by their conduct towards him, one by denying him, and the rest by forsaking him, the peace of their minds was broken, and they needed a fresh application of forgiving grace.

The form of blessing the people used by Aaron, and his sons, the priests, who were types of Christ, is recorded in Numbers and though our Lord might not use the same form in blessing his disciples, yet it seems he used the same gesture, lifting up his hands, as they did.

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The Targumists say d , the blessing of the priests was done by stretching, or spreading out their hands; but other Jewish writers observe, it was by lifting them up: concerning which their rule is e ; "in the province, the priests lift up their hands, as high as their shoulders, but in the sanctuary, above their heads, except the high priest, who did not lift up his hands above the plate of gold on his forehead.

The account Maimonides f gives of this affair is; "how is the lifting up of hands? How is the blessing of the priests in the sanctuary? Bemidbar Rabba sect. Targum Jon.

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Sota, fol. Zeller, Apostelgesch. Theophylact, Kuinoel, Ebrard, and many others, including Gebhardt, Auferst. Luke himself could neither wish to leave the reader to guess this, nor could the reader guess it. Ebrard in such an extension as this according to de Wette, he forgot in Luke to specify the late date , is an entirely erroneous supposition. Here, faith was better placed in a strong mount, a loaded stockbow, and a few solid companions.

The damn thing was as thick as a floppy tankard. More Bastards are coming in March For those that wish to return to The Lots, it'll be a fun ride! It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me! Google Play : iBooks : Kobo. He is a devoted reader of comic books, an expert thrower of oddly shaped dice, and a serial con attendee.

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Melanie's Thoughts during the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off If you take the orcs, the elves and the dwarves from Middle Earth, mix in some rampaging centaurs with a big helping of not very nice humans, quite a bit of swearing and a multi-layered plot then you have The Grey Bastards.

The hero of this tale is not a tall dark and handsome knight on a white charger but rather, a greyish green half orc named Jackal who thunders onto the battle field on enormous multi-tusked hog. When Jackal discovers that elvin women are being held captive by a sludge monster, that the leader of Bastards might be involved and there are more and more incursions of full blooded orcs killing his friends and community then Jackal decides to take a stand….

I am not normally a fan of this type of fantasy so when I found myself staring at the cover I decided to give it a go. I loved it. French has crafted an ambitious but intricate plot. I never knew what was going to happen next or whether Jackal would live to tell the tale.

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This is a sign of a good book in my view. I could very easily recommend this as one of the best books of SPFBO and potentially one of my favourite books of this year. Then I discovered that these half-orcs rode hogs — real, animal hogs — and I almost gave up reading what I thought might be a spoof.

I kept reading, and despite my misgivings, I started to get caught up in the story.

There is some tremendous world-building here. I loved the description of the kiln, their hideout, where the walls can be heated to kill any intruders. Then there was the Hogback, which is a ramp that can be raised and lowered to let the hogs and their riders out over the walls.

There are the sludges, gelatinous creatures that can envelop and suck the life out of a creature, and the Rohks, flying predators who could carry a whole hog. The magic is different, created out of smoke and sparks. Given the nature of the show, I expected the sex and violence to be more graphic than it is; however, many of the other descriptions are just as graphic and gross as can be. Jackal has discovered that the Claymaster is making deals and paying for them using elves, a violation of the treaty they have which could lead to war.

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Three days earlier, Mr. Trump had tweeted that Ms. The four women are American citizens and three of them were born in the U. Before the rally, more than a dozen supporters said they would never use that racist language to denounce minorities. Inside Williams Arena, many participated in the chant that mirrored it. DePiero said.