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Chapter 1785 - The Sherlock Holmes Collection

What do we do? Sherlock Holmes is Alive in Toronto!

Arthur Conan Doyle The creator of Sherlock Holmes also wrote popular stories of adventure, science fiction and horror, In a long and productive life, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was also a physician, historian and activist. Special Offers. Become a Friend When you donate to the Friends, you help us to acquire new items to keep the Collection fresh and vital.

Not that every film in the collection is a masterpiece. Universal produced two or three of them a year, and the B-rate production values show through more often than not.

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But even in the worst of them, Rathbone is an absolute hoot, with a charismatic presence born of the stage and a twinkle in his eye that reminds us all to have some fun with it. It helped him escape the villainous roles he cut his teeth on earlier in his career, and while he never quite shed his association with Holmes, he never appeared tired or bored with it onscreen.

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Though the film series lasted only 8 years, it cast a considerable shadow on the character, and Rathbone remained the definitive Holmes until the s, when Jeremy Brett tossed his formidable hat in the ring. The Blu-ray represents a heroic restoration effort, culled from damaged and deteriorating copies to create a remarkably clear print. For more casual fans, the set serves more as a curiosity than a must-have, but its old school charms are undeniable.

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