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This is a true story concerning surviving a mid-air collision back on Dec. The attachment above briefly describes both the author and the book. Roadside Survival: Low-Tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns , is unique: A collection of wisdom and advice from over 2, free-of-charge roadside assists author Walt Brinker has provided as a hobby.

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Content is based on hands-on experience, not theory. More than 20 anecdotes from actual assists, several humorous, introduce, illustrate and reinforce concepts and techniques.

He is not a mechanic, and most vehicle breakdowns do not require a mechanic. His solutions are simple, low tech, easily understood, and enable a driver of a disabled vehicle to drive it off an interstate highway or parking lot, to a facility which can fix the problem, or so that the motorist can obtain items needed to prevent recurrence.

They are not meant to be permanent repairs.


The book includes 56 pictures and illustrations with captions. Two hundred million licensed motor vehicle drivers in the United States, including 1. There are two kinds of drivers: 1 those who have experienced a disabled vehicle, and 2 those who will. Drivers can decrease the chances that they will have a breakdown and become stranded. Each year AAA responds to 30 million calls for help from stranded motorists, reflecting only a small fraction of the total. Some folks learn only by experiencing inconvenience, embarrassment, and potentially serious risks. Others make the proactive choice to learn how to prevent problems and the methods to counteract them should they occur.

This book provides readers with the opportunity to avoid the negatives associated with becoming stranded. It is his best shot at reaching those million drivers! Do you know of a driver who would not benefit from this book and website? By Maj. VA Benefits VA Claims Veterans Law Federal Tort Claims More often than not, people contact me or other attorneys or veterans advocates for help on such matters, but many times those services incur costs. This book is a low-cost, simple guide to understanding the process and the bureaucracy.

It does not eliminate the need for competent counsel on such matters, as this is not the purpose of this work. This book is designed to educate laymen on veterans matters, and better prepare them to ask questions of the VA or legal counsel, should the need arise. Article Dereliction of Duty. William C.

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Third in a series of military-legal-mysteries. Set in Germany in , it is focused on a Soviet espionage penetration of the headquarters of the U. Army in Europe through the blackmail of a male Army officer and the murder of a female U. Army officer. Captain Charles Kimbrough, an Army lawyer and his German mistress, Matilde von Beningsen, lead the effort to discover the crimes and resolve the questions of guilt and innocence.

By former Navy Lt. John J. Naval Institute Press. For repairs, they pull into Kerama Rhetto, Okinawa, where they receive news of the war's end. Ingram expects to be shipped home like the rest of his crew but instead receives orders to fly to Manila, where he is met by Brig. Otis Dewitt, an Army buddy from his days on Corregidor who is now intelligence aide to Gen. Richard K. Sutherland, chief of staff to General MacArthur. On Ingram's C are sixteen Japanese senior military and civilian diplomats who meet with Sutherland to discuss formal surrender arrangements.

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Two days later the terms are settled and Ingram is working with one of the Japanese delegates to ensure that mines laid in Tokyo Bay are neutralized, allowing for safe passage of more than two hundred Allied ships. Ingram's old adversary, Edward Dezhnev, is the brigade commander responsible for laying siege to a Japanese holdout garrison in Toro, a natural jumping-off place for an attack on Hokkaido.

Also in Toro, DeWitt explains, is Walter Boring, a Red Cross representative holding two crates of overwhelming photographic evidence of Japan's experiments on live human beings in China. Ingram is expected to return with those crates, but how can he when Boring is being protected by the Japanese garrison in Toro, where Dezhnev and his troops stand ready to overpower them at any moment?

As his shipmates prepare to return to their loved ones, Ingram's war continues. Three weeks earlier he had been fighting the Japanese, and the Russians were supposed to be friends. Now he doesn't know whom to trust. By former Army 1st Lt. David Harten Watson. Magic Teacher's Son is a story of betrayal, forgiveness, trust, and treason in a magical world at war.

While armies clash in distant battles pitting Magicians against Sorcerers, the actions of an ordinary boy, his classmates, and his friends threaten the loss of their kingdom, but are also its only true hope for survival. When sixteen-year-old Pran sneaks out of his house one night to join other teens experimenting with sorcery, it sets into motion a chain of events that lead to betrayal, an attempt on his life, first love, friendship with a most unusual spy, treason, and the imminent conquest of his kingdom.

His father, schoolmaster of the town's one-room magic school, learns of the midnight dabbling in sorcery, expels one student, and gives Pran an even worse punishment: implying to the class that he's the snitch! Before Pran can convince his classmates he's not, a prophecy warns that the gold Eldor's Magicians need to repel the current invasion will vanish from their world, and the kingdom is doomed unless Pran travels to the "legendary" land of Earth to replace it.

To find three companions he needs for his quest, Pran must put loyalty ahead of personal safety, stand up to vengeful classmates who think he snitched on them, forgive a former friend who betrayed him, and face his worst fears. But can Pran trust the remarkable companions the prophecy picked for him? By Col. This account of my life and times is in response to a desire to leave a record of 80 plus years of my life.

At various times friends and associates have said I should write about my life Perhaps my children and grandchildren will read and enjoy this effort. In any event, this is my story. The title is a bit grandiose, but lots of amazing things have happened in my lifetime. He was part of the show. Additionally, I went to war in the Republic of South Vietnam twice.

In addition, for 24 years I was a systems engineer in the business world. More about this hodgepodge later. I Chose to Be a U. George W. Don't forget the Pentagon! He discovers foolishness and stupidity, as well as bravery and heroism. Dave Shoup, Gen.

Simon and Schuster. As a veteran himself, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and a long-time student of history, John McCain brings a distinctive perspective to this subject. Each account illustrates a particular aspect of war, such as Mary Rhoads, an Army reservist forever changed by an Iraqi scud missile attack during the Persian Gulf War, and Monica Lin Brown, a frontline medic in rural Afghanistan who saved several lives in an ambushed convoy.

From their acts of self-sacrifice to their astonishing bravery, these thirteen soldiers embody the best America has to offer. By Marjorie T. Hansen, Auxiliary Life Member. Through her husband's letters from Southeast Asia about his combat missions in Vietnam and over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos in and , Marge Hansen shares a gripping journey into one of the most divisive and turbulent periods in the nation's history.

Brave Warriors, Humble Heroes: A Vietnam War Story captures in a flier's words the conflict, drama, frustration, heroism, and longing for home and family that mark combat missions. Through meticulous research and compelling narrative, Marge brings to readers a chance to understand what may have been only an ongoing headline in the news for those at home or a distant episode in American history for younger readers. In her voice and Charlie's, she captures the experience of those who serve and those who support them. For Marge and Charlie, the war was immediate and personal and has not ended; both were impacted by the legacy of Agent Orange-he from his assignment to front-line bases and she from her visit to him at one of those bases.

Brave Warriors, Humble Heroes recounts the story of one war, one hero, one marriage, and one family.