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This comprehensive guide to investing in the Industrials sector is the fourth installment of the Fisher Investments on series. Its detailed description of the sector encompasses industries and sub-industries, as well as the benefits and risks of investing in industrial stocks.

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Within the complex global Industrial sector, there are numerous countries and sub-industries, each possessing their own unique characteristics. It's important for investors to understand the fundamentals, drivers, attributes and potential challenges of investing in these industries in order to avoid major pitfalls. Utilizing a top-down investing methodology, Fisher Investments on Industrials can help investors by providing a framework for individual security analysis as well as expert advice. Fisher Investments on Consumer Staples is the third installment of Fisher Investments Press' series of comprehensive investing guides.

The Consumer Staples industry is made up of companies that manufacture and sell the products we consume every day: food and beverages, prescription drugs, and household products—to name a few. This book offers guidance for investors at all levels to navigate this ever-important sector, sharing detailed insight into its sub-industries and companies, while highlighting the potential investing pitfalls.

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Unless you live your entire life in a handcrafted tent in the wilderness, you can't escape using some Energy sector by-product. Just living your everyday life benefits the firms who explore, find, extract, refine and deliver energy in all its forms to homes and business. And naturally, you also benefit from consuming energy on demand. So how can your portfolio benefit too? Fisher Investments on Energy is a comprehensive guide to the Energy sector.

Accessible for investors of all levels, this book provides background information, tools and insight that can help shape your investing decisions in this complex and increasingly visible sector. With in depth discussion of the industries and companies that comprise the Energy sector, the authors strive to push the reader to think critically to help make prudent investing decisions. As one of the first releases of Fisher Investment Press' new investing sector guide series, Fisher Investments on Energy introduces readers to the style and format of the guides yet to be released.

This book's goal is to help you gain a basic understanding of the Materials sector, its components, drivers, challenges, and history, as well as be a general guide to Materials investing success. Wherever possible, we'll also help you think critically about the sector to generate your own views, rather than just dictating a bunch of rules. Successfully investing in Materials companies does not require a PhD in chemistry or geology. What is important is a firm grasp of the laws of supply and demand, and understanding what drives the earnings of stock prices of Materials companies.

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Fisher Investments on Materials was written with the goal of helping investors make informed decisions in the Materials sector. Utilizing Fisher Investments' top-down investing methodology, this book explores the challenges of investing in the Materials sector through detailed security analysis across all sub-industries. Similar to the other sector guides in the series, it will be structured with an introduction to the sector, a detailed breakdown of the sector's structure and components, as well as a segment encouraging the reader to think like a portfolio manager.

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Chapter 5 Challenges in the Consumer Discretionary Sector. Challenge 1: Growing Profits in Mature Markets. Challenge 2: Managing Volatile Demand.

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Case Study: Callaway Golf. Chapter 6 Household Debt--Myths and Opportunities.

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Tremendous Opportunities in Emerging Markets. Chapter 7 The Top-Down Method. Investing Is a Science.

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Einstein's Brain and the Stock Market. The Top-Down Method. Top Down Deconstructed. Managing Against a Consumer Discretionary Benchmark. Chapter 8 Security Analysis. Make Your Selection. A Five-Step Process. Important Questions to Ask. Chapter 9 Consumer Discretionary Investment Strategies. Strategy 2: Adding Value at the Security Level.

How to Implement Your Strategy.

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About the Authors. Renaud graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor's degree in finance. Andrew S. Teufel has been with Fisher Investments since , where he currently serves as a Co-President and the Director of Research. He is also the Editor in Chief of MarketMinder.