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As soon as the British commander, General Sir Henry Clinton , received news that his rearguard was being probed, he ordered his main combat division to march back towards Monmouth Court House. They became concerned that the arriving British troops would isolate them, and decided to withdraw. To their left, Wayne's isolated troops, having witnessed the British marching back, were also withdrawing.

With his troops withdrawing without orders, it became clear to Lee that he was losing control of the vanguard, and with his immediate command now only 2, strong, he realised his plan to envelop the British rearguard was finished. His priority became the safety of his troops in the face of superior numbers, and he ordered a general retreat.

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Although Lee had significant difficulties communicating with his subordinates and could exercise only limited command and control of the vanguard, at unit level the retreat was generally conducted with a discipline that did credit to Steuben's training, and the Americans suffered few casualties. Lee believed he had conducted a model "retrograde manoeuver in the face and under fire of an enemy" and claimed his troops moved with "order and precision.

When two of Washington's aides informed Lee that the main body was still some two miles three kilometres away and asked him what to report back, Lee replied "that he really did not know what to say. Without any recent news from Lee, Washington had no reason to be concerned as he approached the battlefield with the main body shortly after midday. In the space of some ten minutes, his confidence gave way to alarm as he encountered a straggler bearing the first news of Lee's retreat and then whole units in retreat.

None of the officers Washington met could tell him where they were supposed to be going or what they were supposed to be doing. As the commander-in-chief rode on ahead, he saw the vanguard in full retreat but no sign of the British. At around , Washington found Lee marshalling the last of his command across the middle morass, marshy ground southeast of a bridge over the Spotswood Middle Brook. He blamed faulty intelligence and his officers, especially Scott, for pulling back without orders, leaving him no choice but to retreat in the face of a superior force, and reminded Washington that he had opposed the attack in the first place.

Lee followed at a distance, bewildered and believing he had been relieved of command. With the main body still arriving and the British no more than one-half mile one kilometre away, Washington began to rally the vanguard to set up the very defenses Lee had been attempting to organize.

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He then offered Lee a choice: remain and command the rearguard, or fall back across the bridge and organize the main defenses on Perrine's Hill. Lee opted for the former while Washington departed to take care of the latter. At , Steuben arrived at Englishtown and relieved Lee of command. Even before the day was out, Lee was cast in the role of villain, and his vilification became an integral part of after-battle reports written by Washington's officers.

But on June 30, after protesting his innocence to all who would listen, Lee wrote an insolent letter to Washington in which he blamed "dirty earwigs" for turning Washington against him, claimed his decision to retreat had saved the day and pronounced Washington to be "guilty of an act of cruel injustice" towards him. Instead of the apology Lee was tactlessly seeking, Washington replied that the tone of Lee's letter was "highly improper" and that he would initiate an official inquiry into Lee's conduct.

Lee's response demanding a court-martial was again insolent, and Washington ordered his arrest and set about obliging him. The court convened on July 4, and three charges were laid before Lee: disobeying orders in not attacking on the morning of the battle, contrary to "repeated instructions"; conducting an "unnecessary, disorderly, and shameful retreat"; and disrespect towards the commander-in-chief.

The trial concluded on August 12, but the accusations and counter-accusations continued to fly until the verdict was confirmed by Congress on December 5. He denigrated the commander-in-chief's role in the battle, calling Washington's official account "from beginning to end a most abominable damn'd lie", and disingenuously cast his own decision to retreat as a "masterful manoeuvre" designed to lure the British onto the main body.

Although the first two charges proved to be dubious, [c] Lee was undeniably guilty of disrespect, and Washington was too powerful to cross.

Whittaker Chambers Or Alger Hiss: Who’s The Real Traitor? – OpEd

Only the duel with Laurens actually transpired, during which Lee was wounded. In , Lee sent such an obnoxious letter to Congress that it terminated his service with the army. Lee retired to his Prato Rio property in the Shenandoah Valley , where he bred horses and dogs. Lee's place in history was further tarnished in the s when George H.

Moore , the librarian at the New-York Historical Society , discovered a manuscript dated March 29, , written by Lee while he was the guest of the British as a prisoner of war. It was addressed to the "Royal Commissioners", i. Lord Richard Howe and Richard's brother, Sir William Howe , respectively the British naval and army commanders in North America at the time, and detailed a plan by which the British might defeat the rebellion.

Moore's discovery, presented in a paper titled The Treason of Charles Lee in , influenced perceptions of Lee for decades. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Charles Lee. Christ Church, Philadelphia.

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Main article: Battle of Sullivan's Island. Main article: New York Campaign.

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Main article: Battle of Monmouth. He was Colonel of 54th Foot and later 44th Foot. American National Biography. New York: Oxford University Press. In Lee, Sidney ed. Dictionary of National Biography. In Wilson, J. New York: D. Retrieved 29 September Washington: The Indispensable Man. Retrieved 2 November Archived from the original PDF on 2 February Retrieved 3 November Life of Sir William Harcourt.

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TURN to a historian. Retrieved 22 January Ziff Davis, LLC.

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Retrieved 5 July Game Rant. Warp LLC. Gizmodo Media Group. Magda gives me a small smile and walks in while Bjorn is raging. You should have let me kill him when he dared hurt my woman. I was so busy with the shit we've been dealing back then, the Toltecs, me becoming King, getting rid of Haf, the deal with the ATF.

Whittaker Chambers Or Alger Hiss: Who's The Real Traitor? - OpEd - Eurasia Review

I never thought That's all he's been doing his whole life. Serving his King was his sole purpose.

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I hoped that with Haf out of the way That he'd be loyal to you? That asshole was sent to kill Ava! If my woman was anything less than what she is, she would be dead. And it was partly his fault that she was shot. I almost lost my Valkyrie to that traitor! And now he helped those assholes that dared come after her again? And my daughter? I will skin the motherfucker alive. Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium.

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