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At this point I had websites bookmarked on my phone for easy access to number meanings. I saw them everywhere — on my way to yoga, on my way to work, in the car with Hewy after the first time we spoke again, and even on vacation a few months later after we got back together and discussed each other's healing in detail.

2 Steps to UNDERSTANDING SYNCHRONICITIES: 11:11, angel numbers, repeating words, names, symbols!

A photo I tweeted with the HiGod hashtag I adopted when I started receiving continuous messages of support from the Universe during my period of intense healing. Angel numbers aren't a coincidence or a prompt to make a wish. Wishes are empty. Angel numbers are 5D confirmation that you're never alone on your 3D journey. They act as numerical flags on your road of life.

You don't have to tune in and be woke to anything, but I don't know why anyone would not want to.

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As you continue to see angel numbers, receive messages, and ask for guidance, you may feel more connected to the Universe. This means you're "plugging in" and allows for your guides to lead you more easily. Think a brighter, clearer, calmer, existence. Here are the quick meanings of the most common number sequences people see, but for easy on-the-go access, I've created an Angel Number Pocket Guide for you to save on your phone. Be aware of your thoughts and ideas, because they are manifesting into reality. Keep the faith and stand strong through tough times.

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Trust that your life is unfolding in divine time. The Ascended Masters , or archangels, are with you, offering support and love. Pay attention to your intuition. Your connection to your angels are very strong right now, and they are guiding you towards the best path. Necessary changes are on the horizon. Embrace them. They come at the perfect time.

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Balance your thoughts. Trust the Universe in regards to your goals, and your social, and financial issues. You have taken divine guidance into account and are spiritually evolving.

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Continue to express the best version of yourself to align closer with your divine purpose and shine your light on the world. You have manifested financial or material abundance. Unexpected rewards for your good work on their way to you.

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  5. A phase or phases in your life is coming to an end. You have all you need to prepare for a new beginning. Simplify your life in order to align yourself with your blessings. Remove anything that is draining your energy, time, and resources. When you see the numbers of your date of birth repeatedly, your angels are calling you to focus on pursuing your divine purpose. Ask for their guidance. Sign In My Account. Angel Numbers - Guidance from the Universe. What Are They?

    My Story I started seeing repeating numbers a month before I hit rock bottom for the last time. Angel Number Meanings Here are the quick meanings of the most common number sequences people see, but for easy on-the-go access, I've created an Angel Number Pocket Guide for you to save on your phone.

    Angel Numbers - Guidance from the Universe

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